Entertainment video streaming is a $120-billion market, and this content consumes over 70% of Internet traffic today.

Vignette is a new technology that can reduce storage and streaming costs for these entertainment video companies, by introducing a new form of video compression that reduces video size without impacting quality.

Vignette was initially developed as a research project using machine learning to improve storage size in cloud workloads. Vignette provides up to 50% compression benefit with no drop in visual quality, resulting in an identical user experience for entertainment video at half the cost. These videos also consume less power on mobile devices, further improving user experience.

Commercialization Milestones

  • July 2020: Vignette accepted to Jones + Foster Accelerator
  • April 2020: UW CoMotion Step Award for R&D
  • Nov 2019: UW CoMotion Innovation Gap Fund Awarded